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Tailored order solutions - Order process


Our fully stocked warehouse is integrated with our head office; our first class mechanised warehouse equipment ensures that all orders are picked, packed and delivered efficiently and effectively in accordance with your requirements.

Our experienced warehouse team is adept at picking mixed layer and pallet orders, protecting your products by using layer, corner and pallet board to ensure products are delivered safely and securely.

We aim to pick and pack all orders within 72 hours.


Start to Finish

Our Process

Follow our warehouse process to see how we fulfil your order. 

Step 1

Office to Warehouse

SIAN’s dedicated operations team are constantly reviewing your order status. Once your order is ready to dispatch they will notify our warehouse using our integrated order system, to prepare for delivery.

SIAN Web stripes NL

Step 2

The Pick

The warehouse management team organise the day based on our customer delivery schedule. They will print the pick for your order and hand over to one of our experienced picking crews who will start to prepare your order for delivery.

Step 3

A Place for Everything

With a plethora of pallet locations in our warehouse, the pick is essential in telling the picking crew where to collate your order from.

Using our scanner guns, they can ensure they are picking your order correctly and efficiently. At this stage, they will also make a note of any additional details you might have requested about the products you have ordered. 

SIAN Web stripes NL
SIAN Web stripes NL

Step 4

Tetris - Warehouse Edition

We know that mixed pallets are a way of life and our picking crews are masters at 3 dimensional Tetris!

Using our bespoke layer board, corners and a lot of skill our warehouse will make sure your order is picked for safe transport.

They are also very well practised at building pallets for efficient transport. We are always maximising the space on either your truck or container.

Step 5

Wrap Artists

Once the pick is complete, our wrap artists step into action to complete the process by wrapping your pallets.

SIAN Web stripes NL

Step 6

Picked, packed, delivered.

We use trusted delivery channels to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your order.

Shipping International?

By road, sea or air we will get your order there. We supply more than 60 countries around the world. Learn more on our international page.  

What's covered, when?


Incoterms specifies who is responsible for paying for and managing the shipment, insurance, documentation, customs clearance, and other logistical activities. Check with our team to see what’s right for you.

Get in touch

Our vastly experienced sales team are always accessible. 

Simply give us a call or email with your enquiry.

Get in touch

Our vastly experienced sales team are always accessible. 

Simply give us a call or email with your enquiry.